Purchasing Pots

There are so many different types of pots and color combinations available that despite my best efforts to keep the gallery stocked I often have to make pots to fill an order.  This means that it may be 3-6 weeks before you receive your order.

I will provide progress updates as your order is made and send pictures of the final product.  Shipping will occur after receiving approval of the pictures and payment in full.

Here’s how to place an order:

1.  Browse the GALLERY page to decide what you would like to order.

2.  Choose a glaze color combination from the COLORS page.

3.  Look at the PRICES page to see descriptions and available sizes.
There are pieces listed on the prices page for which I don’t have gallery pictures posted yet.  If you are interested in a piece please let me know.  I’ll make one and send you a picture so you can purchase it if you like.

4.  Place your order using the CONTACT page.
List the description & size, the color combination and how many of each you want.

5.  I will reply with a price quote and an estimated date the order will be ready.

The quote does not include shipping.  I can estimate shipping +/- 10% if you provide your address.  It’s really hard to figure box size and weight until after it’s packed.

When the order is completed I will send pictures.  If you approve, I will box the order for shipping and send you an invoice via email.  Payment by check or credit card is accepted.  Payment in full is required prior to shipping.